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Why Use Terpenes?

Why Use Terpenes?

Terpenes are natural compounds most commonly found in plants including lavender, tea, citrus fruits and more recently discovered, cannabis and hemp. The fragrance of most plants can be attributed to terpenes, they also contribute to their flavour and colouring. Terpenes have been used for centuries as flavourings and fragrances in foods, as well as in cosmetics, perfumes and wellness products.

In nature, terpenes help plants to ward off pathogens, predators and competitors, attract pollinators and help plants recover from damage. There are over 20,000 terpene compounds in the natural world, with only a tiny percentage having been investigated for medicinal benefits.

Recent research on a number of terpenes has shown a variety of benefits in human medicine. Each terpene has its own unique properties ranging from antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Moreover research is also showing promising results as being anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective with strong antioxidant agents. Terpenes that have been more extensively researched include:

Terpene Name Naturally Sourced From Suggested Benefits
Limonene Lemon, fennel, juniper Anti-inflammatory, mood
enhancer, antimicrobial,
immune support
Pinene Pine needles, rosemary, basil Bronchodilator,
neuroprotective, antiviral
Linalool Lavender, mint, cinnamon Calming properties, anxiolytic,
support gastrointestinal health
Myrcene Hops, ginger, thyme, hemp Anti-oxidant, osteoarthritis
support, relaxation
 Beta-Caryophyllene  Black pepper, cloves, sage Anti-bacterial, anti-

inflammatory, supports nervous


Research continues to grow and it is showing that terpenes may contribute to wellness as part of managing a healthy lifestyle. The common wellness effects include, improvements in physical aches and tension, balancing mood and calmness, controlling appetite, sharper thinking, and supporting sleep and
reducing restlessness.

EquaCare Rider Terpene Range

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

1. You walked your show jumping course 4 times, yet still miss a fence?

2. You stacked it at fence 4, did the walk of shame home? If you could walk at all?

3. You keep going over your dressage test in your head the night before your comp? Wake up tired and yet the day hasn’t even begun?

4. Seriously contemplated throwing up before getting on your crazy chestnut mare?

Introducing the Equa-Life All-Natural Plant Terpene Supplements, made in Australia, by riders, for riders without nasty ingredients. A supplement range without the highs and lows of horse riding!

EquaSLEEP – Dream more. This 100% pure terpene blend may assist with sleep management, insomnia, emotional stress, muscle and joint tension

EquaFOCUS – On track. This 100% pure terpene blend may assist with focus, alertness, mood and motivation.

EquaCHILL – Half halt. This 100% pure terpene blend may assist in the management of anxiety and wellness

EquaMEND – Sound again. This 100% pure terpene blend may assist in the management of aches and muscle and joint tension.

Prep well, Ride well, Recover well, look after you – that’s our goal. Discover the range here.

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