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As a specialist in the Animal Pharmaceutical Industry, EquaCare has several departments, all of which provide comprehensive solutions for the end user to the large retailers

Private Label / Exclusive Product Ranges

The EquaCare business was originally established as a specialist in Private Label and Exclusive Product Range Development, Registration, Production & Distribution of Animal Pharmaceuticals.

Our offering includes but is not limited to the following;

Repacks, Generics, New Formulation development, APVMA Registration, Manufacturing, Pharmacovigilance & Technical Support.

EquaCare has the regulatory, nutritional and marketing expertise to provide the one-stop shop for your own private label brand of animal pharmaceuticals. This enables you, the retailer to continue to focus on what you do best....sell finished packaged goods with great margins.

Custom Mixes

Everyday our larger customers are looking for money saving solutions for their Equine investments.

Whether you are a racehorse trainer, a riding school owner or you manage a large stud farm, our qualified experts can formulate bulk products specific to your requirements.

Cut out the filler. Only feed what you need to. Buy in bulk. Save on costs. It’s a no brainer….Get in touch to find out more:

Product Development & Distribution

So, you’re a passionate entrepreneur who has invested blood, sweat and tears into your ‘one of a kind idea or product’ that’s going to revolutionise the animal industry? Yet you find yourself with no clear idea of how to get it to market, and how to get a return on your investment?

EquaCare are here to help! We can provide you with as simple or detailed solution as you need, from whatever stage you are at. EquaCare think outside the square to get the best exposure and optimum return for our clients products. We get to know you, you have invested a lot into your product to get it to this point after all. We take your passion and make sure it reflects in your product. EquaCare help you every step of the way from development and production, marketing and pricing strategy, through to the right distribution channels, for the right exposure, first time around!

With our comprehensive industry contacts, we know the route to market you need and can help you with everything along the way. Get in touch to find out more.