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Not Just Any Horse Treat

Not Just Any Horse Treat

Many of us feed treats to our horses just because we love them. But did you know that you can use treats to train your horse quicker and strengthen your bond with them? 

Positive reinforcement training techniques use rewards, such as a treat or a scratch, to reinforce the desired behaviour. Recent research has shown that positive reinforcement horse training techniques are an efficient way to train horses and can increase a horse’s contact-seeking behaviour towards its owners. 

Horses that are trained using positive reinforcement show fewer stress-related or avoidance behaviours and more behavioural signs associated with positive emotions. Horses trained with positive reinforcement also show more positive attitudes towards their trainers and an improvement in the horse-human relationship. 

When using horse treats as rewards, they must be something that the horse values and wants to work for. The best treats are those that are healthy but tasty as well. CuraHorse All Natural Nothing Naughty Horse Treats are the perfect reward to use. They are 100% all-natural, with no preservatives and horses love the taste and texture of them. They are the perfect size for short training sessions or can be broken into smaller pieces, without crumbling, to last longer. They are the perfect reward to strengthen your bond with your four legged friend.  

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