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What is a Custom Mix?

An EquaCare Custom Mix is a formulation tailored to your business’s unique supplement requirements. Formulations are developed for your specific requirements and, are only sold in bulk, directly to your business, providing a cost-effective solution to save you money and improve your bottom-line performance.

Why Custom Mix

With the costs of running a racing stable or breeding facility continually increasing, EquaCare have identified a proven opportunity for significant cost savings on Equine health, performance, wellbeing supplements and some scheduled S4 drugs, all whilst remaining compliant with Australian Rules of Racing (AR) and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). 

Not only will our formulation be cheaper on a pure $/kg basis, the savings are usually even greater on a cost per horse per day basis because our product is more efficiently formulated, i.e. use less product volume to get the same quantity and quality of nutrients, whilst also decreasing the volume of supplement in the horses feed.

Who is Eligible for a Custom Mix?

To be eligible for a Custom Mix, businesses need to be of scale within the Racing and Breeding Industry, with a minimum of 15-20 horses. 

Please contact us to discuss your businesses eligibility.

The Process

EquaCare will review your requirements, current feed & supplement range, along with conducting a financial analysis of your current cost per day / per horse / per annum. 

We then formulate your custom mix into bulk product/s and provide you with the cost analysis based on your current spend vs the new formulation and show you the clear financial benefits expected from your custom mix. 

On acceptance, EquaCare schedule the manufacture of your Custom Mix; the timeline of this is roughly 3-6 weeks. EquaCare will then hold additional stock in our warehouse for your future orders so you never run out. 

EquaCare will also provide you with a Safety Data Sheet and a regulatory statement explaining the APVMA criteria.

For smaller commercial entities EquaCare carry a warehoused range of 5 base products which work in synergy together to form the base of every stable or studs requirements.

Over the Counter (OTC)

Over-the-Counter products are generally referred to as OTC products, these products do not require a vet prescription.

The majority of supplements in stables are OTC and make up the bulk of EquaCare's Custom Mix business.

Should EquaCare identify that your Custom Mix product requires registration with the APVMA, our Specialist Regulatory Department will submit and lodge applications and, manage the ongoing annual renewal fees at no cost to you.

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Scheduled S4 - Vet Only (prescription only)

EquaCare has the scope to develop new, or generic Schedule 4 drugs that can only be supplied through your vet.

The development, registration, and manufacture of these drugs are
tightly governed by the APVMA and, can be timely and expensive to bring to market.

Should your stable or vet be interested in EquaCare developing S4 drugs, an initial discussion on the commercial viability of each potential product will need to be discussed with EquaCare Management and, your Veterinary Surgeon or Clinic.

Client 1: was spending $93,000 per year feeding 3 supplements to their stable of horses.

EquaCare was able to formulate these 3 products into one bulk product and, saved the client $34,000 / 37% per annum.

— Client #1

Client 2: Was spending $137,000 per year feeding 4 supplements to their stable of horses. EquaCare was able to formulate these 4 products into two bulk products and saved the client $52,000 / 38% per annum.

— Client #2

Client 3: Was spending $112,000 per year feeding 3 supplements to their stable of horses.

EquaCare was able to formulate these 3 products into one bulk product and saved the client $41,000 / 37% per annum.

— Client #3

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