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1. We are diverse

EquaCare is a diverse, Australian owned company covering several speciality areas within the Horse, Companion Animal & Camel Industry.

2. We are sustainable

EquaCare believes in providing environmentally friendly & sustainable packaging wherever possible

3. We are honest

EquaCare gives you peace of mind about your purchases, their quality and their efficacy.

Who we are

Our Name:

At the very beginning, we wanted a company that was unique, a standout, based off Honesty, Care, Trust, Reliability and Loyalty.

The name 'EquaCare' was a work in process for many months as we wanted a name that meant something.....We wanted to included all aspects of our business from being Australian owned, including all animals, through to our caring culture. We incorporated Equine, Quality, Animal, Australia, Care & Sustainability all into one, and EquaCare came to life.

Our Brand:

'Cura' is the latin term for Care and Care is a reflection of who we are as a company, for our team, our clients and our four legged friends...

'Cura' created the perfect synergy between our company name and our brand.

Our Belief

A conviction we hold to be true -
To always put the animal first, to be transparent and honest in every transaction we make, and to also do as we say we will.

Our Vision

A guide to our internal conduct -
To lead with care and kindness and always respect each other, two legged and four.

To provide premium products and services without exception.

To always show passion in everything we do.

To produce products in environmentally sustainable packaging wherever possible.

To be trusted by our clients, and be transparent and honest.

Our Culture

The way we do things within the Company -
We will work to our unlimited potential each day, to inspire each other and our customers, to show fairness, care and kindness in the way we interact with each other…four legged and two.

We will provide the best service and the best product solutions to the best of our ability.

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