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EquaLife® Little Lunch Bag

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  • Description
  • LunchBox range by EquaLife®

    From Pre-packing feeds, and carting feeds to shows and events the EquaCare Lunch Box range has you covered.

    The EquaLife® little lunch bags - Easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to store, our Little lunch bags have been designed to pre pack feeds into our waterproof Lunch Boxes. You can fit 4 of them into a large lunch box, or 2 into a small lunch box.

    We love to design things that can be used in as many ways as possible so you can pop your dirty polo wraps in so they don't get lost on their way to the washing machine or they can be used as a light kids portable tack box for a brush and a hoof pick!

    Little Lunch Bag:

    Height: 53cm

    Width: 32cm

  • Product Features
  • May we present to you, The EquaLife® Lunch Box.

    A large lunch box that can hold 2 x 20kgs bags of your fave pellets, (we don’t recommend carrying this type of weight in the bag, you’ll hurt yourself and the bag) we found that rodents were less likely to chew through the waterproof material.

    The large can also store 1/2 a bale of hay, and has a convenient handle and a strap that can sling over your shoulder or attach to stable doors for easy access.

    Our little lunch bags are a size down, can fit 3 made-up feeds in them or pack single serves or just put your chaff for the weekend. Then when it’s empty they make a great bag for wet and dirty gear!

    With Leptospirosis encroaching on our stables and horse health, these bags can be used to prepare feed ahead of time, are great for storing feed, and are air-tight which is helpful when keeping pesky rodents out of house horses feed. 

    These bags have so many uses we know you’ll love them.

    EquaLife® Little Lunch Bag

    EquaLife® Little Lunch Bag

    $5.45 $10.95