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EquaLife® Lunch Box Range

From Pre-packing feeds, and carting feeds to shows and events the EquaLife® Lunch Box Range has you covered. Through rigorous testing and listening to our fellow equestrians, we gathered the following. 

You wanted a feed storage solution for travel or to make stable management just that bit easier. strong, robust, easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to store, can hang in the outside of the stable, waterproof and multifaceted that we don’t have to constantly replace and send to landfill… but make it cute.

May we present to you, The EquaCare lunchbox.




Discover the Lunch Box Range

A large lunch box that can hold 2 x 20kgs bags of your fave pellets, (we don’t recommend carrying this type of weight in the bag, you’ll hurt yourself and the bag) we found that rodents were less likely to chew through the waterproof material.

EquaLife® Large Lunch Box

The EquaLife® Large lunch boxes can also store 1/2 a bale of hay, has a convenient handle and a strap that can sling over your shoulder or attach to stable doors for easy access.

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EquaLife® Small Lunch Box

Our EquaLife® Small lunch boxes are a size down, can fit 3 -5 made-up feeds in them or pack single serves or just put your chaff for the weekend. Then when it’s empty they make a great bag for wet and dirty gear!

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The EquaLife® Little Lunch Bag

The EquaLife® little lunch bags are for single-serve feeds for when you’re on the go. You can for 4 of them into a large lunch box, or 2 into a small lunch box.

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