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The Power of Protein, Part 2

Muscle building protein for horses

As one of Australia’s leading animal healthcare providers, it’s our mission to deliver quality products for our equine companions, for their overall health, wellbeing and vitality. We also believe in delivering our customers all the information we can to help you make informed choices. 

One of the main ingredients in a number of our products is protein. Just like in humans, protein is essential for a healthy horse because it plays a crucial role in various physiological processes that contribute to overall health, development, performance and wellbeing. That’s why we strive to use only the best sources of protein for your horse. 

In ‘The Power of Protein’ (read the full blog here), we shared with you the key ingredients in our CuraHorse® Protein Booster Pellets and the benefits they provide. 

Those benefits include strong muscle development and improved training recovery, a healthy inflammatory response, bolstered immune function, and a shiny coat. Therefore it's important for horse owners, trainers, and caregivers to provide a balanced and appropriate diet that meets the protein and nutritional requirements of their horses. 

Again, just like in humans, a diet that lacks in protein can have significant negative effects on your horse’s body and overall health.

Some potential consequences of not getting enough protein include: 

  • Muscle wasting resulting in weakness and reduced strength
  • Impaired growth and development 
  • Edema, which is the accumulation of excess fluid in tissues, resulting in swelling
  • Weakened immune system 
  • Fatigue, weakness and reduced stamina
  • Dull and brittle coat, skin and hoof
  • Hormonal imbalances 
  • Impaired organ function in the heart, liver and kidneys 
  • Anemia 
  • Weakened Bones 

As you can see, the CuraHorse® Protein Booster Pellets make a great addition to your horse’s feed regime to ensure they’re receiving adequate protein and nutrients for an optimal body. Plus, at $2.20 per day, it literally costs less than a cup of coffee! 

Specific needs can vary depending on your horse's age, activity level, breed, and health. Consult with your equine nutritionists or veterinarian to ensure this product is right for your horse. 

The CuraHorse® Protein Booster Pellets is available in 3kg tubs, and will be available from mid-August 2023. ORDER HERE.


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