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Kinetic Immune Shield For Dogs and Cats

Product Description

All-natural mushroom blend to help support a strong, healthy immune system in dogs and cats.
  • Safe, edible mushroom blend for cats and dogs, packed full of vitamins, minerals, fibre and other essential nutrients to help keep your pet healthy.
  • Contains four of the most beneficial mushrooms:
    • Lion’s mane to support normal brain and nervous system function
    • Reishi the “mushroom of immortality” supports the immune system and helps maintain a normal inflammatory response
    • Shitake rich in protein and fibre to support normal blood sugar levels
    • Chaga full of antioxidants to reduce damage to cells from free radicals and maintain healthy cellular activity.
  • Being naturally high in beta-glucans it readily increases soluble fibre in the diet for a healthy gut and encourages normal bowel movements.
  • Doesn’t contain any nasties, only all natural, high-quality ingredients ensuring your pet gets the best nutrients.
  • Finely ground with no gritty texture, easily mixes in with dry or wet food or add it to your pet’s favourite treat recipe.

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Directions For Use

Can be mixed with wet or dry food. If mixing with dry food only, can be used as a topper or some pets may prefer a little bit of water mixed in with it as well.

Mix in the required amount with your pet’s food once a day. The amount required each day can be split across meals if desired.

One teaspoon is approximately 2.5 g:


immune shield table


An all-natural and unique blend of the mushrooms Reishi, Shitake, Chaga and Lion’s Mane.