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Kinetic Fish & Omega 3 Oil For Cats & Dogs

Kinetic Fish & Omega 3 Oil For Cats & Dogs

Kinetic Fish & Omega 3 Oil

A high-quality blend of fish and flax seed oils with essential fatty acids to support both cats and dogs in their overall health and vitality.

• Contains fish oil rich in essential fatty acids EPA and DHA which are important structural components for cell membranes, ensuring optimal health for the brain, eyes, joints, skin, and coat.

• Blended with flax seed oil, the richest source of alpha-linolenic acid, for promoting a strong heart, healthy kidneys, and a happy digestive system.

• Provides the recommended ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids providing a boost to immune health and balance to the natural inflammatory response. 

• Daily supplementation may help to improve skin barrier function which can be beneficial for dogs and cats prone to skin allergies and dermatitis.

• Easy to use pump pack to dispense the optimal amount each day for your pet.

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Directions For Use

Can be mixed daily with wet or dry food.  The recommended dose can be added to one meal or split across meals if required.

Add 1mL per 5 kg bodyweight directly to your pet’s food daily.

A combination of high-quality fish oils, flax seed oil and essential fatty acids.