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CuraHorse Fusion Action Broadspectrum Oral Paste Wormer Plus Tape

CuraHorse Fusion Action Broadspectrum Oral Paste Wormer Plus Tape

What is it?

CuraHorse® Fusion Action is a is a combination wormer containing two active ingredients providing effective control of the major disease causing parasites in adult horses, including tapeworm. The combination of abamectin and praziquantel provides broad-spectrum control of susceptible worms (including lungworms, intestinal threadworms and tapeworms), bots and external parasites (summer sores and neck threadworms).

Who is it for?

CuraHorse® Fusion Action is a palatable paste, safe to use in adult horses and ponies including pregnant mares, breeding stallions and geriatric horses. One tube treats adult horses and ponies at different life stages, up to 600 kg. For horses over 600 kg another syringe can be used to make up the remaining weight. For example if a horse weighs 800 kg use one syringe treating 600 kg and add a 200 kg dose from a second syringe.

To ensure you are giving your horse the correct dose, make sure you weigh your horse regularly or use a weight tape for a more accurate weight estimate than simply guessing. Underestimating your horse’s weight and giving them the incorrect dose, can leave them unprotected and lead to the development of resistance on your property. Always round up to the nearest kilogram dose, never round down.

Wormers only containing a macrocyclic lactone (i.e. abamectin, ivermectin) +/- a tapewormer should not be used in horses less than 2 years old. Whilst these wormers are safe to use, younger horses have different parasitic profiles and susceptibilities that require a different worming strategy to adult horses.  Speak to your veterinarian about which wormers are more effective to use for younger horses in your region.

When should it be used?

As the appearance of tapeworm generally increases during the cooler months, CuraHorse® Fusion Action is ideally suited for use in autumn and early winter. This is also the time that small strongyles and bots are more active in the horse, making worming more targeted and effective than traditional rotational worming. CuraHorse® Fusion Action can also be used effectively during other times of the year for the treatment and control of other susceptible parasites if needed.  CuraHorse® Fusion Action is the ideal drench to use in any strategic worming program for adult horses.

What is strategic worming?

Unlike traditional rotational worming where horses are wormed every 6-8 weeks, strategic worming involves worming horses at times when parasites are their most active and likely to cause disease. In many cases, this means only one or two deworming treatments per year are required (typically autumn and spring) to control the major disease causing parasites such as small strongyles, tapeworms and bots. Ideally a faecal egg count should be performed before using any wormer to determine if your horse requires worming.

Talk to your veterinarian about a strategic worming program that is suitable for your region as environmental differences can greatly influence the effectiveness of a worming program.   

Why should I use it?

CuraHorse® Fusion Action is a highly palatable paste that is delivered in an easy to use dial-a-dose syringe. It is 100% Australian made and owned. This product is APVMA registered and manufactured in a GMP licenced facility, using only quality ingredients. Where possible recyclable materials are used and sustainably sourced.


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