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5 Reasons to Switch to Custom Mix

5 Reasons to Switch to Custom Mix

Managing and running any kind of business is tough work, let alone a thoroughbred racing stable or breeding farm! At EquaCare, we aim to support our customers by offering efficient and cost-effective supplement solutions via our Custom Mix formulations. 

Here are 5 reasons to make the switch to EquaCare Custom Mix:

  • Customised to your Needs 
  • An EquaCare Custom Mix is a supplement formulation tailored to your business’s unique requirements. In addition, we also offer a range of five core products suitable for all racing stables and are available immediately through our warehouse. A custom mix is about taking what you currently use and creating one bulk product, cutting out the fillers and reducing the dose volumes. In consultation with you,our veterinarians and scientists develop each formulation for your specific needs to ensure you, and your horses, receive maximum benefits. 

  • Cost Effective 
  • Sold in bulk directly to your business, our Custom Mix formulations provide a cost-effective solution to save you money and improve your bottom-line performance by changing the usual route to market and cutting out the middleman margins. Instead, these margins go directly into your profit bin. We review your current products, processes and costs, then provide a cost comparison to show you the expected financial benefits of using our Custom Mix. Most trainers with approximaty 50 horses are seeing savings of around $41,000 (or 37%) per year! 

  • Increased Efficiency in the Feed Room 
  • Our Custom Mix allow us to combine multiple products into one formulation, meaning you’re only adding one supplement to your horse’s feeding regime. This saves time in feed preparation, reduces human error, and as our product is more efficiently formulated (i.e. uses less product volume to get the same quantity and quality of nutrients) this also decreases the actual volume of supplement in the horse’s feed. And because feed room space is no doubt at a premium, EquaCare holds additional stock in our warehouse, eliminating your storage or product limitation worries. EquaCare drop ship directly to your stable on a monthly basis, so we know how much product you go through and will deliver before you have the chance to forget to reorder.

  • High Quality Range 
  • Animal health and wellbeing is at the core of everything EquaCare stands for. Using comprehensive and high quality ingredients, all Custom Mix products are compliant with the Australian Rules of Racing (AR) and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). We also provide you with a Safety Data Sheet and a regulatory statement explaining the APVMA criteria.

  • Supported and Used by Industry Participants 
  • Our Custom Mix is used by a range of reputable metropolitan, provincial and country horse trainers all over Australia. Some customers have stables of 15-40, while others have stables of 100+. All are on subscription orders and continue to sing the praises of our products with the results and the savings they experience. 

    “Since using the Custom Mix, our horses are looking better, eating better and most of all, preforming to their best ability. The changes are noticeable and they are such affordable products.” - Donna Grisedale, Horse Trainer, NSW. 

    EquaCare’s Custom Mix is available in a variety of bulk sizes, from 5kg to 20kg.

    To explore EquaCare’s Custom Mix further or to arrange a consultation, VISIT HERE.  


    To find out more about EquaCare, and products and services we offer, please explore our website, get in touch and follow us on social media - Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Thank you for your interest in our company.

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