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EquaLife Lunchbox Starter Pack

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  • Description
  • Description
  • EquaLife Lunchbox Starter Pack Includes:

    2 x Little Lunch Bags

    Can fit 3 made-up feeds in them or pack single serves or just put your chaff for the weekend. Then when it’s empty they make a great bag for wet and dirty gear!

    1 x Small Lunch Box

    Small lunch boxes are our mid-size option dry bag & can fit 3 -5 made-up feeds or you can pack large single meals. They can also fit 1-2 biscuits of hay.

    1 x Large Lunch Box

    A large lunch box is a dry bag that can hold 2 x 20kgs bags of your fave pellets and can also store 1/2 a bale of hay. It has a convenient handle and a strap that can sling over your shoulder or attach to stable doors for easy access.

    EquaLife Lunchbox Starter Pack

    EquaLife Lunchbox Starter Pack

    $99.99 $134.80

    EquaLife® Lunch Box

    Durable, waterproof & easy to carry